Ken Cuccinelli Is Right Here – Drowned Man At Border Bears At Least Some Responsibility


This sounds harsh and given modern mores is in fact harsh. But there’s also a great deal of truth to it:

Acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli blamed the father in the now-infamous photograph of a drowned man and his daughter at the southern border for both of their deaths.

Who, of his own volition, went into the water with his daughter? At least some of whatever responsibility there is to hand around must go to the person who made that decision, no?

Cuccinelli: No, in fact just the opposite. The reason we have tragedies like that on the border is because those folks, that father didn’t want to wait to go through the asylum process in the legal fashion, so decided to cross the river. …Until we fix the attractions in our asylum system, people like that father and that child are going to continue to come through a dangerous trip.

The pair may well have had to wait an inordinate amount of time – US Federal bureaucracy is not known for being fast moving – to be assessed for asylum but the act of actually going into the river is what killed them.

Cuccinelli, an immigration hard-liner who was nominated by President Donald Trump this month to head the federal agency that oversees immigration and asylum, pushed back against that criticism, and the idea that the photo could be a turning point in the immigration debate, by instead placing blame on the father for not waiting his turn.

I dunno, maybe it’s different for us English, inculcated as we are into the idea of queuing and turn taking. But it’s not the Feds who put them into the river is it?