Well Done To The UN- Racism Maniac Discovers Racism In UK


This is one of the little things about the modern world which just should not surprise us. Even though it does come as a surprise to find out how these higher reaches of governance actually work. For someone interested in finding racism in every corner and nook of modern life has found racism in the UK. We are surprised, no?

Britain’s policies on austerity, immigration and tackling terrorism are racist, a United Nations watchdog has claimed.

Ministers hit back after Tendayi Achiume, the UN’s Special Rapporteur on racism, called for the anti-terrorism Prevent strategy to be shut down and anti-immigration laws to be repealed.

A Home Office source said the criticism was not based on “reality” while former Conservative leader Iain Duncan-Smith said her claims were “complete rubbish”.

The rapporteur involved is this one. Who is part of this at UCLA Law School:

Critical Race Studies Program: Think. Teach. Transform.

The mission of the Critical Race Studies program is to:

think new ideas
teach future leaders and scholars and
transform racial justice advocacy.

The only program of its kind in the United States, UCLA Law’s Critical Race Studies (CRS) program is the premier institutional setting for the study of the intersection between race and the law. Anchored by renowned scholars whose research represents the cutting edge of critical race theory in legal scholarship and related disciplines, our CRS program has no parallel in American legal education.

The cornerstone of the program is an academic course of study, the CRS specialization, which attracts the top students committed to racial justice scholarship and legal practice.

“Critical Studies” is always a bit of a giveaway, isn’t it?

Do note something about these rapporteurs. According to the UN at least they gain no income from their work and reports. They’re thus public spirited citizens doing it for free. Or as we might put it, maniacs on their subject.

Maniac on the subject of race, one involved with a US law program so extreme there’s only one of its type, finds racism in UK.

We are indeed surprised. That anyone ever thought she’d find anything else.