It’s Not Possible That Scorpions Were The First Land Animals

A contention that scorpions were the first land animals:

Fossil experts in the US have revealed the remains of what they say is the first animal that may have set foot on land – an ancient scorpion.

The earliest animals were aquatic, but eventually transitioned on to land. While scorpions are known to be one of the first animals to have become fully land-dwelling, experts say the two new fossils add to a growing debate about when animals made the shift.

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Snippa And Willy

There’s an art to columnising. There are only so many interesting subjects that can be written about which is why so many opinion pieces read like they’ve been phoned in by some bored grievance monger.

Thus the art part of it, knowing when one can revisit a subject, or point, or joke, happenstance, as the subject for a piece. Writing much the same piece for different outlets is a no no unless divorced by a period of time.…

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Why Isn’t This Cultural Appropriation By Ayanna Pressley?

Ayanna Pressley reveals bald look and alopecia diagnosis in powerful video
The freshman congresswoman unveiled her new look and said she felt she owed little girls inspired by her natural hair an explanation

No, not rocking the Kojack look which is fine, just fine. Rather:

In the video, Pressley begins by telling the story of her hair journey, going from typically pressed or bunned hair to more Afrocentric styles, most notably her Senegalese twists.

Her connection to Senegal is zero.…

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So What’s The Price Elasticity Of Demand Of Domestic Air Travel?

To be honest here I’ve no idea of the answer to that question. But I do know that it’s the right question to be asking. It also appears to be the question no one is asking.

FlyBe is pretty much bust. So, the deal is that they can pay the air passenger duty they have already collected in bits over time. Well, ho hum, whatever.

But now to the next bit. As Larry Elliott says:

The chancellor, Sajid Javid, has said he will consider scrapping air passenger duty (APT) on domestic flights as part of his March budget.

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Andy Haldane’s Gobbledegook on Productivity

This is really rather sad. The Bank of England’s economist has got himself believing fashionable nonsense.

The decade-long productivity crisis may have been caused in part by labour market rules that make it too easy for bosses to hire and fire staff, the Bank of England’s chief economist has said.


Improving the quality of jobs may help to fix Britain’s so-called productivity puzzle, Mr Haldane wrote. “The greatest benefits to productivity may come from increasing the quality of work among the ‘long tail’ of companies currently with the poorest offering.”

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The Logical Contortions Of The Woken SS

Clearly and obviously it’s impossible to believe everything the Woken SS tells us must be believed without using a certain amount of heavily tortured logic. It’s still wondrous to see the twists in some of that being used though.

For example, if we ever step off the reservation – as that word just shows I have – of acceptable language then we will, or should be perhaps, shamed as a result of our doing so. Using people of color instead of colored to refer to higher melanin inheritances will equally lead to screaming harpies shouting that we should be shamed, shamed.…

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Milton Friedman Was Right. Again

One of the things that Milton Friedman pointed out was that you can’t have free migration and also a comprehensive welfare state. Not solely because coughing up $20k a year for anyone who walks across the border will quickly lead to billions doing so and there being no money left. But also because the indigenes won’t stump up the taxation for just anyone who can walk across the border.

We humans are rather tribal after all.…

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Wealth Doesn’t Add To Lifespan

What has been found here is that greater wealth correlates with greater disability free lifespan. This is not the same as saying that greater wealth causes it.

Being wealthy adds nine years to life expectancy, says study

No, it doesn’t.

Being wealthy adds nine years to healthy life expectancy: a life free from disability and pain, according to transatlantic research.

The 10-year study, conducted across the UK and US, looked at all the social and economic factors behind the reasons why people sink into ill-health as they age.

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Stephen King’s Entirely Right About Art And Diversity

The modern world doesn’t like people stating clear and obvious truths:

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But Male And Female Haircuts Are Different Things

Sure, some women do indeed take haircuts that are similar to male. But the vast majority don’t, which rather neatly explains why female haircuts cost a different amount from male.

One pretty obvious note to make is that the distaff stuff takes longer – and the labourer is worthy of their hire, no?

The vast gulf between haircut pricing for men and women is unjust. I live on a London street with a number of hairdressers and barbers.

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