Daniel Kawczynski MP Asks Poland To Veto Article 50 Extension


Hardline Brexiteer and Shrewsbury MP Daniel Kawczynski is to hold a two day summit in Warsaw on March 6-7 celbrating anglo-polish relations. At the summit he aims to petition Polish officials to veto any request for an extension to Article 50 made by Theresa May or Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay.

The Shrewsbury MP has previously lobbied the Polish government to veto any article 50 extension. In January 2019 the Polish Government responded saying:

..no deal is the “worst possible scenario” and that any request to extend Article 50 would be evaluated as it comes.

Polands Foreign Minister, Jacek Czaputowicz has recently been gunning for the UK’s interests and has proposed Poland support an amendment to the Irish Backstop issue with a time-limited arrangement.

An extension to Article 50 would require EU agreement, if Kawczynski can convince Polish officials to veto any extension, this would scupper ANY extension as the EU treaty on extending Article 50 is clear:

a country’s exit negotiations can be extended with the unanimous agreement of the remaining member states. But article 50 is otherwise silent about procedure or timing.

Daniel Kawczynski MP was elected in 2005 and is the first MP to be born in Poland.