GCHQ’s Cipher To Queen – Not “Philip’s Looking For The Car Keys”


Sadly GCHQ – the British bit of the spies that deals with codes, encryption and listening to people – didn’t take the opportunity to say something interesting to Brenda when she came to visit. Instead, they were boringly deferential:

Spy agency GCHQ has sent a cryptic tweet to the Queen after she attended an event to mark 100 years of the intelligence agency, but are you able to crack it? The coded message which read “SVOOL BLFI NZQVHGB GSZMP BLF ULI XLNRMT, RG DZH Z TIVZG WZB” was sent from GCHQ’s account to the Royal Family’s after the Queen unveiled a plaque at Watergate House, the agency’s original headquarters.

All most fun except the message itself was pretty boring:

There was also this:

However, it would also have been possible to say something interesting. Entries are invited for what could have been said – add them down in the comments. The winner will gain public approbation, that thing beyond the price of rubies.