If Only Owen Jones Had A Clue, Eh? 1,83% Is Unanimous Now?


There are several different ways we can consider this latest from Owen Jones. One would be this is just the standard Trot entryist tactics. Another is that he can’t count or is clueless in some other manner. Possibly just that he’s a gifted propagandist who is hoping no one looks at the horse’s teeth all that closely. Or even that he’s just blown a major Remainer tactic out of the water.

The subject is Kate Hoey. She voted with the Tories on something or other to do with Brexit. This is an outrage of course and the local Labour Party has voted for her to lose the whip. Young Owen is arguing that they’re quite right to do so:

Understandably, the local parties of these MPs have recoiled in horror. Hoey’s Vauxhall voted unanimously for the whip to be removed;

Well, no, not really, that local party didn’t quite vote that way. This is how they did vote:

Emily Wallace, chairwoman of Vauxhall Labour Party, said: “The meeting was open to all of our 2,300 members to attend and speak, however there were no members that came to speak in defence of Kate.

“Just three delegates abstained on the motion, no one voted against and the other 42 delegates voted in favour.”

Well, yes, that is standard Trot democracy. Only those who attend the interminable committee meetings get to vote on things. And those who do turn up and vote the wrong way aren’t told about the committees that really vote on things anyway. It’s also possible that he really does think that a vote by 1.83% of the membership is unanimous. If he does then he’s just blown that major Remainer tactic out of the water, hasn’t he?

You know, the one that says OK, among those who voted it was 52% to Leave, 48% to Remain. But among the population it was 65% not for Leave because some people didn’t vote! Something we can’t really support if at the same time we’re going to say that 1.83% is unanimous – what about the 98% who didn’t vote at Vauxhall?

But that’s different because reasons. For Owen Jones really is just a propagandist, nothing more.