James McGrory Sits As The Member Of Parliament For Which Constituency?


James McGrory is some parasite working to chain Britain to the European Union forvermore. He also seems to believe that only those who are Members of Parliament are allowed to be involved in proper politics. And he does mean the Westminster Parliament, not the Brussels one and presumably not Edinburgh nor Stormont either. The Welsh Assembly obviously doesn’t matter to anyone.

James McGrory, of the pro-remain People’s Vote campaign group, said: “Nigel Farage has had more comebacks than Frank Sinatra, just without the success.

“If he was serious about making a return to frontline politics, he would stand to be an MP.”

You can’t be in serious and or frontline politics unless you’re a member of the House of Commons apparently.

And James McGrory is the duly elected member for which constituency? Hmm, what’s that? Ah, so he shouldn’t be doing this politics stuff then, should he?