No, he doesn't want to solve problems - Copyright Joe Biden 2018

Glory be, Joe Biden appears to be planning to run for President at the next election. It’s certainly gonna be fun to see the Clinton Camp running again without the charm, intelligence or competence. There is one more interesting point to note here. Which is the manner in which interventionists prefer to insist on the necessity for continued intervention rather than actually solving a problem once and for all. We see this with climate change for example. The economics profession is pretty much united in let’s just have a carbon tax and be done with the subject. No politician is willing to so argue – my somewhat cynical explanation for this being that that’s no fun. Why go to the effort of being a politician and actually solving a problem? Vastly better to insist upon not solving it so that there’s lots for politicians to do. Thus no carbon tax but year after year of mithering with trivial matters like used coffee cups and the like.

So with Joe Biden:

My guess, both from what’s in the media and talking to insiders, is that former Vice President Joe Biden is going to make a 2020 run for the Democratic presidential nomination. (He’s the very slight favorite, according to PredictIt.)

A minor point of interest – one we might open book upon actually – is which British politician will he plagiarise in which speech? Assuming he doesn’t just dust off his Kinnock again. but it’s this which is a guide to his political ambitions:

Americans don’t want a no-strings-attached check from the government, like the universal basic income proposal pushed by some leaders in Silicon Valley. They want work that provides dignity and a sense of community as well as a good paycheck. To deliver on that, we need policies that support work and ensure workers can succeed in a changing economy.

It’s not Americans that don’t want it – it’s politicians who don’t.

A universal basic income essentially solves a number of economic problems. We get the welfare state sorted out. We transfer a goodly amount of economic power from employers to workers. We raise reservation wages. We abolish the need for a minimum wage. And once we’ve done it we’re done. All of these things are solved, we can go home and do more interesting things like consider the dog’s nail fungus. Americans might be just fine with that.

American politicians, or more importantly here interventionist American politicians like Joe Biden, won’t be just fine with that. For we’ll have solved all those issues once and for all. If we do that, what need have we for interventionist American politicians like Joe Biden? Further, what fun will the interventionists have when the problem is solved? It is, after all, fun to tell other people what to do.

Yep, that’s right, just as with the environmentalists in Washington State killing off the carbon tax solution to their claimed problem of climate change, so too Joe Biden is against a universal basic income. Because it solves the problem – and what’s the point in solving things when it’s so much fun to utilise political power to not solve things?