Only Left Wing People Are Authentically Black, D’Ye See?


A very weird contention here. The colour of your skin determines – or should determine perhaps – your political views. For example, if you are melanin enriched you should, must, be in favour of punitive tax rates. Haemoglobin S means you should be against the slave trade – fair enough actually, not just because all forms of Haemoglobin carriers should be – and also pro-Islam, not the historical experience at all.

But this is the claim:

Don’t be fooled by Johnson’s ‘diverse’ cabinet. Tory racism hasn’t changed
Kehinde Andrews The new ethnic minority ministers don’t represent real progress – they are among the most hard-right figures in the party

See, you’re not properly efnic unless you’re a lefty.

The new BAME cabinet members all supported the government that adopted these policies, so they clearly do not represent Britain’s black and Asian communities. For them, blue is the only colour that matters and they are some of the most rightwing figures even within the Tory party.

All of which is darkly amusing. That skin colour does and should determine social attitudes is rather the racism which we’ve all pledged to leave behind, isn’t it?

Kehinde Andrews is an author and professor of black studies at Birmingham City University

But then if your lot in life is to teach grievance studies at Birmingham College of Art then we’re not going to expect great perceptiveness from you, are we?