Owen Jones’ Trenchant Statement Upon Antisemitism In The Labour Party


It’s about time and excellent, of course, to see Owen Jones taking on that disgusting failure of civilised behaviour which is the entrenched antisemitism in the Labour Party:

What Labour members think matters. Their party will be in government. They select parliamentary candidates who go on to vote on legislation and become ministers, and they exert pressure on them through local Labour associations. Jezza will be the nation’s next prime minister but one. So when evidence of racism is uncovered among their ranks, it should be regarded as a national scandal.

Recent polls conducted for Hope Not Hate by YouGov – which has a solid record when looking at party members – is horrifying. It found that 60% of Labour members believe Judaism “is generally a threat to western civilisation”, with less than one in five dissenting; that 54% hold it to be “generally a threat to the British way of life”; and 43% do not want a Jew as prime minister. Two-thirds believe the lie that parts of Britain are under kosher law; another 45% believe in the racist nonsense that there are no-go areas for non-Jews; and 40% want to limit Britain’s Jewsish population. Among the most chilling findings was that 42% believe “having people from a wide variety of racial and cultural backgrounds” has damaged British society, with just 39% dissenting.

Digest that carefully: more Labour members than not believe that the very presence of minorities has damaged our society. These are far-right beliefs and yet they are mainstream in the party of government.

It’s possible that I might have edited what he did say a little.

As to why he’s had this published today….well, last night there was that Panorama program into antisemitism in the Labour Party. Therefore the tu quoque about Tories and Islam. Or, as we might put it, don’t ever lose that truth that Owen Jones is a partisan shill, nothing more.