He's a democrat really, no, seriously - Credit, public domain

Only a small little observation here:

My friends, this is a dark hour. Intolerance, cruelty, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and environmental destruction have been let loose across the land.

Trump controls the Republican Party, the Republican Party controls the House and Senate, and Trump may soon control the Supreme Court.

Sure, we get it, Reich doesn’t like Trump nor Republicans.

But here’s the thing. Only 27 percent of Americans are Republican, according to the Gallop Poll.


Moreover, the vast majority of Americans disapprove of Trump. He lost the popular vote in 2016 by 2.8 million. Since then, his approval ratings haven’t exceeded 45 percent.

The GOP itself is no longer a political party, anyway. It is now little more than Donald Trump, Fox News, a handful of billionaire funders, and rightwing Christians who oppose a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage, and the Constitution’s separation of church and state.

As you say Robert.

In addition to everything I’ve noted above, Republicans also now control both chambers in 32 states (33 if you count Nebraska) and 33 governorships.

So, Republicans are in charge in a majority of States, also have the House, Senate and Presidency, yet they’re not even a plurality of the voters and anyway, everyone hates Trump. That’s actually pretty good for a few billionaires and rabid Christian ideologues, isn’t it?

Or, you know, Reich is just joshing with us and really, he agrees with those basic democratic ideals, the people get to vote for who rules them and how. Even if that choice isn’t to Robert’s taste….

Well, maybe that’s what he believes