Shooting Politicians Is Wrong – An Example Of Left Wing Logic


From our Special Correspondent, Lincoln Swann:

Fuzzy lefty logic missing the target?

Exhibit A
Shooting paintballs at a picture of Jezza is wrong. All over the news
this week.

Exhibit B
A soon to be erected statue of Maggie in Lincolnshire should be used for
paintball target practice and hammer throwing, said the Guardian on 5
Feb 2019

Given that using representations of political figures for target
practice is acceptable to the Left, per Exhibit B, there must be some
significant different between these 2 cases.

Once we can establish what about the picture target of Male Hard Left
Wing Extremist ‘Lovely Magic Grandpa’ Jezza makes it unacceptable, and
makes acceptable a statue target of Female Moderate Right Wing ‘Evil
Witch’ Maggie, then the news can concentrate on that bit. Any ideas?