Thank God For Granny – You’re 50 Before You’re Mature Enough To Vote Tory


That the old and the young vote differently is true. Which is why we should all be giving thanks to Granny. For it’s only at about the age when one is likely to be enjoying that second generation of fecundity that one is mature enough to be voting Tory. As these two show:

Lord Knows we’re not entirely enamoured with the Tories around here these days but it’s better than this:

As the Mail goes into detail upon:

The Generation Why? report by centre-Right think-tank Onward found that every generation and ethnic group, including Remain supporters, back curbs on immigration. The policy is supported by 38 per cent of 18-24 year-olds, 68 per cent of over-65s, 40 per cent of Asian voters, 45 per cent of Black voters and 40 per cent of Remain voters. Only 16 per cent of under-35s said they would currently vote for the Conservatives. Just 17 per cent of Tory voters are aged under 45, and only 4 per cent are under 25.

There’s a thing we need to understand here though. Why the menopause? It appears to occur only in humans and certain cetaceans. So, why does it? The usual argument being that having some mature types around – also not obsessed with raising their own children – leads to a better outcome for all in the society, especially that second generation of their own offspring.

Which is rather what we’d say about those voting patterns, isn’t it? It’s only after three decades of being exposed, as an adult, to the promises of politicians that we gain the wisdom to vote for the people who promise not to do anything. Yes, Granny does indeed keep society more conservative – if not Conservative – than it would be with only young people around. And Thank The Lord for that.