Emily Matlis Credit Matt Gibson Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Apparently Monty Python wouldn’t get commissioned by the BBC if they came forward today.

Their unique brand of surrealist humour might have been hilarious and ground-breaking, but five straight white men from Oxbridge is apparently no longer the place from where humour emerges.

Apparently, their “voice” and “story” is no longer “original” enough.

And that’s been the BBC’s position for a while now – I suspect if we made a freedom of information request that was worded carefully enough, we might get some extraordinary data.

For example, if we asked, “What percentage of senior full-time jobs at the BBC have been filled by straight white men in the last five years” and you might get quite a round answer.

By which I mean very close to 0%.

And why?

Well, the rabid liberals that run the place are no longer able to perceive their own biases – the line they crossed long ago is now a dot to them, and it’s receding fast in their rear-view mirror.

Take Emily Maitlis interviewing the Hungarian Foreign Minister recently – the barely-impartial mask that most leftist BBC journalists manage to awkwardly maintain some of the time eluded her completely, and we saw the deluded Marxist peep out from behind it, like poor old Bilbo demonically entranced by his desire for the ring. Maitlis appears similarly entranced by her desire for the ex-communist riddled EU.

Her and her colleagues are no longer Bilbo or his unfortunate kinsman Smeagol.

They have become Gollum.

And the EU is their precious.