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I think it was Tom Sowell who said that most governments misdiagnose the problem and then apply the wrong solution, and that the problems of today are due to the solutions of yesterday.

A problem is perceived and the State tries to diagnose it.

It fails, and the misdiagnosis now forms the base from which all future efforts proceed.

Heading off in the wrong direction, the State is surprised to discover it appears to be getting no closer to its goal.

So it accelerates its efforts.

Rocketing off in the wrong direction now, the goal recedes ever further in the rear-view mirror.

Further acceleration of effort.

And so on.

Take the euro.

The very device they planned to use to force Europe into unity (a common currency) is increasingly driving its users apart.

Or the minimum wage.

Their attempt to ensure people’s jobs pay them more is resulting in the loss of their jobs.

But don’t worry.

They may be damaging our society and our lives with their fumblings, but they intend to redouble their efforts.