Should have a peerage, obviously, for whatever else he is he's the most successful politician of his generation

It simply isn’t true that elections are about whatever the political classes wish to project upon them. Elections are about what the electorate wants to think and vote about and nothing else. So, it may well have been true that Hillary was uniquely qualified for something or other, that The Donald is an oaf who shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of a spittoon. That’s not how the vote went so therefore that’s not what the electorate thought, is it? Whatever the chatterati might be insisting either then or since.

Thus this from the Washington Post simply isn’t right:

UK local elections eyed as pre-Brexit political barometer

It’s all got nothing to do with Brexit in the slightest. There are elections of course:

People are continuing to vote in council and mayoral elections across England.

Elections are being held in 150 local authorities, spanning metropolitan and district councils, unitary authorities and London boroughs.

Watford, Hackney, Newham, Lewisham and Tower Hamlets will elect mayors while the first-ever mayor for the Sheffield City Region will also be chosen.

Polling stations around England opened at 07:00 BST and close at 22:00 BST.

But Brexit won’t be what is being talked about nor voted upon. And don’t let anyone tell you different.

I speak as someone who has actually done this professional politics bit. Worked for Ukip for example. And one thing that the British are very good at is voting differently in elections at different levels. If that weren’t so we’d have had a Ukip government when we barely managed to have an MP or two at any time.

Think it through for a moment. Came the revolution and we had a referendum on the EU then 52% of those voting did so to skedaddle. Up until perhaps a year or two before said referendum the official party platform of everyone other than Ukip was to stay in. Ukip didn’t sweep the boards with 52% of the vote in other elections now, did it?

Sure, OK, part of that was the fact that I’d worked for the party, stood for them. No one’s going to vote for a party silly enough to allow that to happen.

But in the local elections, like those today, we used to get a decent enough smattering of councillors. And then at the MP level we got no one – rarely troubling the counters in fact. But for the euro-elections the last two times we came second and then first. Both times beating the government of the day in fact. People vote in different ways at different elections. At the MEP elections they quite obviously concentrated on the issues to do with the EU. That’s why the results there were very much closer to the results of the referendum.

Elections to Westminster or councils? No one’s thinking about Europe at all. Well, except my compatriots in Ukip of course but the results show how many others are. The local council elections aren’t going to tell us anything about Brexit, they never are about European issues. Ukip’s results in the past prove that.