When your average conniving politician and power player needs intellectual cover for his latest wheeze, where does he look for it?

I mean, he can’t use his own intellectual credibility – the average politician is at best not known for his intelligence, and at worst is perceived to be as thick as curdled yoghurt. Even those that are quite bright are assumed to be craven imbeciles because…………well, they’re politicians.

So how do they get expert backing for their bullshit?

There are three ways, I would suggest.

The first involves finding someone who already believes that what’s proposed is wise and noble, and then convincing him to yoke his wagon to theirs in exchange for favours later – bribing a true believer.

The second involves finding someone with great intellectual credibility who does NOT believe that what’s proposed is wise or noble, and just bribing him with money or power or status to change his mind. Or if he has a particular weakness, they might blackmail him a bit.

These are well-known tactics – all thinking people know this happens so we already factor it into our thinking.

The third one is newer and rather more long-term, and it relies on them having a degree of control over the institutions. Until quite recently, they didn’t have that, but now the police, the judiciary, the educational establishment, the church, the media, the entertainment industry, the trade unions and the defence establishment are filled to the brim with Leftists (almost as if there has been some kind of March Through the Institutions!), this option becomes more readily available.

Let’s call it “Useful Intellectual Idiocy”

It involves identifying idiots that can be promoted and rewarded until they acquire credibility due to your interventions, and at that point they owe you everything already!

So for example, if you noticed a clueless chap chuntering away on the fringes of economics about how great taxes are, you might use a little influence to find out how to advance him a bit. If he remains amenable, you bring him on a little more. One day, he’s accepting a Nobel Prize and mentioning you in the acceptance speech.

At that point, you have a pet intellectual.

He is then at your disposal, fervently espousing the virtues of your scheme and giving you lots of intellectual cover.

He owes you everything, so even if he gets a bit big for his boots one day you can remind him that you can bring him down as fast as you built him up. Keeps him honest.

Yet horrific as these effects are, they are not the end of the story.

Because one day the politician get caught with an orange in his mouth and a bag over his head, and he retires with his knighthood and gold-plated pension.

If we’re lucky, that happens AFTER the pet intellectual retires.

If not, he’s still there, cap twisting in his sweaty palms, ready to provide intellectual cover for the next abuser. Hoping the deal is still good.

If the next politician understands that this chap is just a tool, things continue as before.

But if the politician is from the opposite party (often the case) then the knowledge transfer from the Departing Wanker NEVER HAPPENS.


Now the flow of nonsense has reversed, and we now have an Intellectual Idiot influencing the Political Idiot, who doesn’t know the guy is a clueless stooge.

And that’s how you get policy that makes no economic sense at all.

You know, the Minimum Wage, Pay Equality, all that crap.

We’re in trouble here in the West you know – a self-reinforcing cascade of drooling imbeciles is underway.