A re-run of the Know Nothing Party? - Public Domain

There’s a lot of speculation about the Special Counsel investigating Russia interference in the US electoral process in 2016 and subsequently. While it is clear that Russian interference took place, less clear is any involvement by American citizens.

Robert Mueller, who might have been lifted out of a comic book, such is his reputation for probity and diligence, has run into criminal activity by US citizens, although these alleged crimes mostly have little to do with his mission. But it’s getting close enough to the Trump administration to make Trump agitated.

If you look for a definition of ‘wide boy’ in my dictionary, there is no text–just a photograph of Donald J. Trump. His escapades during his climb to the status of self-proclaimed king of New York real estate, his adventures in the world of casinos, his love affairs and philandering, make it clear that were he British he would have been portrayed by Bob Hoskins, an actor I sorely miss, straight from the set of ‘Unleashed,’ where he more or less defined modern thuggery and perhaps served unintentionally as a role model for the current U.S. president.

It is increasingly obvious that Trump is worried sick that, regardless of any crimes committed in furtherance of Russian mischief, Robert Mueller is finding enough evidence of criminal activity during Trump’s long career to endanger Trump’s presidency.

Hence all the attempts to fire and discredit Mueller by Donald Trump. Trump may be able (just) to get away with axing Mueller. But probably not. So what happens next?

The obvious strategy has not been elaborated on by the media, so I’ll just lay it out here. The odds are quite good that the Democrats will gain control of the House of Representatives in November. As they are the body responsible for recommending articles of impeachment with regard to the president, it makes no sense at all for Mueller to report findings or issue strategic indictments (of  any of the Trumps, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions, et al) before the new House is sworn in in January.  Mueller is not interested in reporting on criminal activity–he wants results from this investigation, people in jail. So he probably won’t.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t indict minor players to show he’s still on the job. But it does mean that all three rings of this circus are likely to play for the rest of the year.