Do You Know More Science Than The Average American? Take The Test


Sure, obviously, the answer is yes. But how much more? The discussion of the results is here. The test is here.

And to the real point of this:

Average score: 6.7 correct answers of out 11 (61% correct), which is very interesting (concerning?) given that the quiz is really pretty easy. Publik skools? Average Score for Men: 7.4 (67.3%) Average Score for Women: 6.0 (54.5%) Average Score for Whites: 7.6 (69.1%) Average Score for Hispanics: 5.1 (46.4%) Average Score for Blacks: 3.7 (33.6%)

Dear God Almighty, what has happened to Blacks there? This isn’t racism of course, there’s nothing like that in there. It’s not discrimination. No, it ain’t the legacy of slavery either. Something absolutely appalling has happened to Black Americans.

That being, likely enough, the inner city education systems. Those most expensive parts of America’s K12 system. The ones that have been run by Democratic Parties for generations.

Could be there’s a lesson there, eh?