Your Cat’s Not Stupid Nor Deaf , It Doesn’t Care – Scientific Proof


That when you call a cat it simply doesn’t arrive, when you call a dog it does, is entirely true. This could be because cats are deaf, because they’re stupid even. In fact, it turns out that they just don’t care. You and your desires aren’t enough to get it to move. And yes, we do think that it knows its name, that it recognises being called. That it doesn’t then come is a result of its disdain, nothing else:

Cats know when you’re calling them — they just don’t care

So, that explains that and who could argue with the newspaper?

If your cat does not respond when you call, it is not because it does not recognise its name. It is because it does not respect you and instead views your life with, at best, cold indifference. That is one conclusion of a paper that has found cats, like dogs, are perfectly capable of understanding their names. The difference is that unlike dogs, who come running in response, cats just do not think you worthy of their attention.

No, it’s real science here. It’s not that they’re stupid, or that they hate you. Cats just don’t care enough about you.