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From Dr. Madsen Pirie:

Many things in the USA use aluminium or steel. It’s not just cars, white goods and buildings; it’s little things like the foil in cigarette packs or the safety caps on medications. By putting tariffs on foreign steel and aluminium, President Trump is making American manufacturers pay more to make their goods, and raising the prices they pass on to their customers. He’s enabling US producers of those metals charge higher prices than they otherwise would. American consumers will be poorer.

Not to be outdone, Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has threatened to retaliate by making EU citizens pay more for their Levi jeans, Bourbon whiskey and Harley-Davidson motor-cycles. He could have taken the US to the WTO Commission to have Trump’s tariffs struck down, but instead he chose to make his citizens poorer.

I prefer Teslas to Harleys, but I do wear Levis and I do mix the odd Bourbon into cocktails. Now I’ll have to pay more because President Trump has chosen to hurt his own citizens. There is a word for this:- Insanity.