Memo To The Observer – Children’s Teeth Fall Out, Sugar Tax Or No


The Observer is showing a touching faith in the power of government to change our lives. They seem to think that passing a law concerning the sugar content of soda pop will change the fact that milk teeth, children’s teeth, fall out. This will be news to the Tooth Fairy as it will be to all those connected with reality. In fact, news to all those who have ever met one of those junior versions of a human being:

Bring on the nanny state if it stops our children’s teeth from falling out

Well, no, not really, the Nanny State’s not going to achieve that, is it? Therefore, but whisper it ever so gently, it might not be worth having that Nanny State, might it?

Doesn’t matter how much we tax sugar those children’s teeth are still going to fall out, just as they should.