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How’s this for a little litany which ends up insisting that Brexit shouldn’t in fact take place?

Everyone agrees that Brexit must not harm our economy. Everyone also agrees that we will need a customs arrangement that allows frictionless trade, coupled with the ability to access the single market without barriers, if not be a member of it.

Well, no, everyone doesn’t agree upon those things. I don’t for example and even all minus Tim Worstall isn’t everyone, is it?

It’s entirely true that we’d prefer Brexit not damage our economy. We’d most certainly prefer a frictionless trade agreement, no barriers to the single market sounds good too.

But what are the costs of those things? Are they greater than the prize which will be won by having them?

The answer being yes – for this is the very Brexit calculation itself. Gaining those things means subjecting ourselves to the entirety of EU regulation upon all things. The point of Brexit being to free ourselves from those regulations – that’s the decision we’ve already made by voting to leave.

So it’s not actually everyone does agree now, is it? In fact, 52% of those who bothered to express an opinion on the matter disagreed with those contentions. Which is very much less than all minus Tim Worstall, isn’t it, even it’s fewer than everyone?