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We have a varied palette of excuses why Brexit really just should not happen. Various commentators run through the rainbow of reasons over time – each one trying each in turn. So here’s William Keegan with one of the more common. Us voters out here, we’re just too dim and ignorant to know:

In the London Review of Books, political scientist David Runciman, whose views I usually respect, suggests that “a decision to reverse the Brexit vote would … have serious consequences for national prestige”. Sorry, but the Brexit vote has itself had serious consequences for national prestige. A parliamentary vote to reverse it would demonstrate that at last we have seen sense.

At which point I should emphasise that I do not wish to “badmouth” the many ordinary citizens who voted for Brexit. But I do think they were not informed about what was at stake.

That is the statement he’s making. We’re dim. Too dim and ignorant to be allowed to take such a decision ourselves. We must be over ruled by those better informed – Keegan’s mates in that Westminster bubble that is.

Hey, it’s a case you can certainly make. It’s rather an elitist one, the peeps know nuttin’ so shouldn’t really have any influence. Only we enlightened know what’s good for the country so we should get to decide without interference from those hoi polloi. It’s rather more than just elitist in fact, it’s a class dictatorship.

It’s also not democracy which is that over riding insistence that the people should get what they vote for, good and hard. But then the EU itself isn’t a democratic organisation which is why so many elitists insist we must stay in, isn’t it?

I can’t speak for my fellow Leavers but to me the major reason to go was exactly this. Hey, possibly it will all be a glorious Mongolian clusterhuddle. But it’s be our clusterhuddle, as will everything else we do in the next few decades to centuries. Which really is rather the point of this whole democracy idea, that we get to rule us, isn’t it?