It ain't a ukulele

It’s entirely true that what the Queen wanted for her 92 nd birthday might not have been Ed Balls. It’s also true that what she got was, in part at least, Ed Balls.

This does not, however, excuse India Knight and this in The Times:

What any Queen wants for her 92nd birthday — Ed Balls on a ukulele

That’s the headline writer, a subeditor. One of whom is a reader here in fact. So Shame! Shame!

This though is India herself:

Instead, here’s Alfie Boe getting all het up and doing thrusty dancing. Here are Harry Hill, Frank Skinner and Ed Balls (yes, and also perhaps no) playing the ukulele and singing When I’m Cleaning Windows. It’s a jolly idea, and they look like kind people who visit old people’s homes to cheer them up.

A ukulele, eh?

Well, here’s the image used to illustrate:

It ain’t a ukulele

That’s a banjolele.

Tsk, I mean tsk.

Yes, I know, but I used to be a banjo player. Even made one of those long playing records as one while a member of an unpopular beat combo.