Why Would The Russians Bother To Troll Tumblr For Trump?


It would appear that the Russian election trolls are very much more silly than we’ve been giving them credit for. They expended actual effort in trolling Tumblr in their attempts to make sure that Hills went down and The Donald won. Really, that’s not going to be a productive use of anyones’ time, is it?

That the entire social media trolling argument is false is another matter of course. Whatever influence was created was trivial. It wasn’t particularly anti-Hills nor pro-Trump. And when Obama did very much the same thing 4 and 8 years previously it was held up as a masterpiece of electioneering. So, yes, the entire thing is hypocrisy based on the simple fact that the wrong person won.

But still, why bother with Tumblr:

The blogging platform Tumblr has unmasked 84 accounts that it says were used by a shadowy Russian internet group to spread disinformation during the 2016 US election campaign.

Tumblr said it uncovered the scheme in late 2017, helping an investigation that led to the indictment in February of 13 individuals linked to the Russia-based Internet Research Agency (IRA).

The announcement adds Tumblr to the list of internet platforms targeted in a social media campaign that US officials said sought to disrupt the 2016 election and help boost Donald Trump’s bid to defeat Hillary Clinton.

To be honest with you I’ve not heard of or about Tumblr since Yahoo had to write off the billion(s) it paid for it. All of which leads to a certain suspicion about this story. It’s actually nothing at all to do with elections, Russians or tampering. It’s really an excuse to issue a press release reminding us that Tumblr is still an internet platform.