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We have a government department – OK, a quango financed by government – which seems not to understand the basics of toast. For they’re telling us that we should keep bread in the freezer in order to be able to toast it before it goes stale. Rather missing the point of toast, which is that it’s a way of freshening up bread that’s gone a bit stale. That is, they’ve missed the entire point of the process.

Around 25m slices of bread are thrown away every day in the UK – more than a million an hour – because people do not get around to using it in time and worry it is stale.

Now a new campaign from the anti-waste charity Love Food Hate Waste is urging consumers to freeze bread and toast it straight from the freezer, and to consider eating toast as a snack at any time of day.

The campaign, run by the government’s food waste advisory body Wrap,

Yes, really, we are paying our taxes to have this nonsense foisted upon us. Then again, Wrap are the people who told us that we should freeze the potato peelings. So that they don’t stink while we wait for the once a quarter pick up of our food waste by our ever so efficient local councils.

Yes, it is ridiculous, for the very point of toast is that it’s a method of dealing with bread that’s a tad stale. That’s why it’s so common as a breakfast food. Because that’s when we’ve got yesterday’s bread and not today’s, all nice and fresh.

Can’t we just fire all these people and save the taxes?