Can A Black Man Have A Suitcase?


In his early days, Eddie Murphy was a funny man.

In his early years as a stand-up comedian, he was hysterical in “Delirious”, and his sketch abut going to Texas with something of a chip on his shoulder is very funny.

Times haven’t changed much since then it seems.

For instance, Serena Williams is apparently tested for performance-enhancing drugs far more than any other female tennis player.

Of all the possible reasons that might be, she has today insinuated it’s because she’s black.

We can probably clear this right up.

Who should we test for performance-enhancing drugs?

Well, we can probably exclude everyone that isn’t performing, for a start. Unless we want to start testing members of the audience to see if their over-enthusiastic cheering is giving the player an unfair advantage?

“COME ON TIM!!!!!!!”


We are trying to ascertain whether the players are using drugs, so it seems wise to start with the players.

We could spend a lot of money testing them all.

Or we could test them at random.

But wait.

We would also like to know if a player using drugs was actually winning tournaments. A second layer of defence, so to speak. In case the random test failed to catch them.

Of course if we did that, anyone who won repeatedly would get tested a lot more than those that didn’t.

But yes, the most successful female tennis player in the history of the sport is probably right – they are probably testing her because she’s black.

Eddie was right – a black man still can’t have a suitcase.