The Age Pay Gap FFS.

We’ve had the gender pay gap.

And now Radhika Sanghani  is complaining about the ethnicity pay gap.

But there’s one pay gap that people just aren’t talking about: the age pay gap.

I’d like to complain about that.

Indulge me.

Older workers get paid more on average than younger workers – fact.

On average, workers over forty get paid 90% more than those under thirty.

Admittedly this is because they work longer hours, in more demanding roles, with greater responsibilities, and with less competition for these roles.…

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So Why Was Women’s Pension Age Lower?

We’ve what I consider a quite extraordinary claim here, that raising women’s pension age to match that of men is discrimination against women. Really, can’t see it myself, equality isn’t discrimination. But that is the claim being made in court. The court says it’s arguable enough that they can continue to argue it to the next stage:

Older women were unfairly discriminated against by a £5 billion Treasury reform that increased the female pension age from 60 to 66, a court was told.

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Man Sues To Define As 20 Years Younger – One Of The World’s Great Pisstakes

A Dutch man insists that the government should change his recorded age. He is, chronologically, 69 years old. But he feels and self defines as being only 49 and even has a doctor’s letter stating that he’s more around and about that age physically. Thus the government should issue him with a different age document. This will increase his success on Tinder as his recorded age will more closely align with how he really is and feels.…

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