Reverse Ferret On The Trump Russia Investigation – The FBI Was Spying On The Campaign

Quite what you’re going to believe here will come from a mixture of prior prejudices and which information source you’re listening to now. For now that we’ve the Mueller report stating that there was no collusion there’s still that earlier thing, well, was the FBI illegally spying on the Trump campaign before the election?

For it’s pretty obvious that there was some deep looks going on. That dossier with its allegation of the pee tape came from somewhere.…

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Of Course Ghana Can Eliminate Corruption – Just Make It Not Worth It

The Attorney General has said that it would be impossible to eliminate corruption in Ghana. If we mean completely eliminate then yes, of course, we humans never manage to completely eliminate anything other than dodos. But if we mean get rid of it to the level where it’s simply not a problem, not something we even note any more, then yes, that’s entirely possible. The trick is to make it not worth being corrupt. Either reduce the rewards or increase the punishments until we get to that point.…

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