That Qatar Fundraising Was Fine – Barclays Not To Be Charged

It would appear that the saga is over. Barclays is not to be charged over the Crash induced refinancing they gained from Qatar. That would seem to imply that they didn’t do what some suspected, round trip the money. Thus this is the end – barring any appeals:

Barclays has been spared a court trial over its emergency fundraising during the global financial crisis.

The High Court has dismissed a claim by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to reinstate charges against the bank.

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Turkey’s Proof That Speculation Is A Zero Sum Game

A useful little proof from the current Turkish shenannigans that speculation, as speculation itself, is a zero sum game. Whatever is made by one participant on one side of the ledger is lost by another over on the other side of that same bet. At which point we can have two views about it all, something basically harmless that we should leave alone or perhaps something wasteful as it has no use and thus something we should limit or ban.…

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There is No Gender Pay Gap at Barclays – it’s Earnings, Not Pay

We’re told that women earn up to 43% less at Barclays than men do. We’re also told that women are paid about half what men are at that same bank, Barclays. Only one of these two statements is true. The one which is true being an interesting revelation of where this screaming match about the gender pay gap is going wrong.

We don’t in fact have a gender pay gap in this modern world. We do have an earnings gap.…

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