Barnier’s Wrong – Of Course The Withdrawal Agreement Is Going To Be Changed

Michel Barnier insists, stoutly, that the Withrawal Agreement isn’t going to be changed in the slightest. Michel Bariner is of course wrong here. As the agreement hasn’t been agreed as yet and there is no agreement in the UK – more importantly perhaps in the Commons – that it should be agreed as it is. Therefore it will be changed.

Michel Barnier warns Boris that Withdrawal Agreement will not be changed as he receives cautious welcome

There are various options of course.…

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Repeat After Me – Michel Barnier Is An Idiot

Sure, and he’s the Brexit negotiator but this isn’t about that. Michel Barnier is telling us that we’ve all got to do something about a Green New Deal and all that. OK, maybe we do and maybe we don’t. A point up for discussion. His idiocy though is apparent when he confuses two rather major points. One, the capacity of the atmosphere to absorb CO2 – more accurately, CO2-e. OK, that’s climate change and we’ve all got our opinions on that.…

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The EU Says It’s A Take It Or Leave It Brexit Deal – OK, We’ll Leave It And Leave

That dog’s breakfast of a Brexit deal that Theresa May is trying to get through, the European Union has insisted that this is a take it or leave it deal. To which the correct response is sure, we’ll leave it and we’ll leave. What is actually being offered isn’t in fact leaving anyway, it’s an agreement to be tied to the Brussels apron strings without any voice at all in what they insist we do. That’s not the action of a sovereign nation, that’s to be reduced to a lickspittle colony.…

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If Every EU Country Has A Farage Perhaps The Problem’s The EU?

Michel Barnier is complaining – warning perhaps – that every European Union country now has a Nigel Farage. What he means is someone with the temerity to question the wisdom of the European Union project – and to do so in a manner that significant sections of the population agree with.

The way Barnier puts this it’s obvious that he blames Farage and his like. How very dare they?

There is now a Nigel Farage in “every country” in the EU, the bloc’s chief Brexit negotiator has warned his colleagues.

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In A Nutshell, What’s Wrong With The EU Aid Budget

Michel Barnier is exemplifying the have cake and eat it method of negotiation today as he argues that Britain can’t be part of anything the EU does which might be useful but it will still be allowed, post-Brexit, to pay for stuff. That is, we can’t be in Galileo but we can help to pay for the foreign aid budget.

It should be said that there’s no point nor purpose to Galileo anyway. The American GPS system is just fine for anything we’re going to want to do, the only reason for the existence of the EU system is political pride.…

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EU’s Barnier Insists Irish Border Could Mean No Brexit Deal

We all know – or we all should know – what will happen if there is no deal with the European Union over Brexit. We fall back to WTO trade terms. That is, we’re free to charge any damn tariff we want to, up to the agreed maximums, upon imports into our own isles. We can and should make that charge zero of course. What the rest of the world does to tax itself for its temerity in buying our exports is of course entirely up to it.…

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Apparently Brexit Doesn’t Mean Brexit – We Must Remain As Poor As The EU

We all knew this sort of demand was going to be made of course and we all know what the correct response is – go boil your heads. But the background to the demand is interesting to the point of amusing. For it’s an admission that the European Union system itself makes us all in Europe poorer. Further, that the aim and purpose of the European Union is to impose this poverty upon us all and then that we must have barriers against reality to stop this impoverishment being undermined.…

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