Jubilation For English Papists – Today Is St George’s Day

One of these things that not a lot of people know. St George’s Day is a moveable feast. Rather typical of the English to have fussy little rules which no one ever does quite explain but which everyone is has to just find out from experience. You know, rather like a Bateman cartoon of the man who didn’t know that….

The thing being that the English Day, St George and all that, it’s supposedly on 23 April.…

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An Advantage Of Catholicism Over Islam – Fewer Deformed Babies

It’s entirely unfashionable to praise anything at all stemming from the Catholic Church these days just as it’s not just unfashionable but perhaps a hate crime to criticise anything stemming either from Islam or a culture within the Ummah. And yet the world we live in has obviously enough been shaped by the influences of history. That we have different cultures in this modern world does also mean that influences in the past must have been different.…

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What Does It Matter Who Priests Don’t Have Sex With?

The New York Times has a long piece of the terrors faced by gay priests in the US Catholic Church. Claims that 25 to 70% of all priests are in fact gay. That might even be true and so what? What does it matter who priests aren’t having sex with?

All priests must wrestle with their vows of celibacy, and the few priests who are publicly out make clear they are chaste.

Sure, we can all argue that the celibacy of Catholic priests is more than a little silly.…

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But Priests Are Supposed To Condemn Suicide – It’s The Ultimate Sin

A strange case here, where a priest is under fire for having stated standard Catholic doctrine. Sure, if he was a Methodist, Baptist perhaps, then stating what is Catholic theology might be a little odd, but he’s a Catholic priest and this is rather his job. It might not be all that polite nor common to make such statements at the actual funeral but it is indeed what the Church does teach. Suicide can or will mean non-entry into heaven, in fact suicide is regarded as the ultimate sin.…

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