Why CEOs Get Paid A Lot – The Quality Of Management Really Matters

This isn’t quite what this paper was asking but it is rather what has been answered. Why is it that managers and CEOs get paid a lot? Because the quality of management matters rather a lot</a>:

Managerial quality and productivity dynamics
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Sadish D, Anant Nyshadham, Jorge Tamayo 19 August 2019

Managerial quality remains low in firms in developing countries. In the context of the Indian garment industry, this column shows that manager characteristics matter for productivity.…

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And Why Wouldn’t Female Beauty Aid Women’s Top Careers?

The original statement was not that as you’re a munter don’t bother trying to gain one of the top jobs. Rather, that possession of a certain amount of beauty was going to be an aid to women in gaining one of those top career positions. And why not? Why wouldn’t it? Handsomeness in a man also aids in gaining such top positions. Sure, it may well be unfair but that’s the way that us human beings roll and we do have to deal with us as we are.…

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Christian Aid Boss Is Remarkably Stupid About The IMF’s New Head

People this ignorant – or perhaps we should say people this deliberately misleading – shouldn’t be allowed to tell us what we should be doing. Because, you know, they’re either ignorant or misleading.

The head of the IMF is a European. That of the World Bank an American. There’s a reason for this. The Americans and Europeans put all the money into both organisations. Thus they’re the major shareholders and who gets to be CEO is something the shareholders decide.…

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What High Pay Failure Is There If Shareholders Don’t Care?

We’re told that it’s a failure if shareholders aren’t curbing high pay for company directors and managers. For they have been given new powers to do so and they’re not using them. Thus, obviously failure.

Except, well, if shareholders don’t want to curb management pay and shareholders aren’t curbing management pay then what failure have we got here? Other, of course, than the usual complaint of the prodnoses that people are doing stuff they disapprove of:

Rules that let shareholders veto excessive executive pay packages have failed, new research from a think tank suggests.

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It’s Possible That Abigail Disney Is Ever So Slightly Hypocritical Over Bob Iger’s Pay

Abigail Disney is one of the heiresses to the fortune created by Walt Disney and the company bearing his name. In fact she’s got about $500 million’s worth  – possibly tied up in trusts but still. Abigail Disney also tells us that the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, is paid too much. That could be true of course. But it cannot be true for the reason she gives, that no one is worth that much.

For Mr.…

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MPs Spout Nonsense About Bosses And CEO Pay – What A Surprise, Eh?

There is no logical relationship between the pay a worker in a company gets and that the CEO or other boss gains. It simply doesn’t exist. To assert that it does is to descend into some sort of madness. For example, take a company that makes sandwiches – sure, they exist, they’re big business these days. The CEO can be running an organisation of 20,000 people – say, an example – dealing with all the things that CEOs of 20,000 strong companies do deal with.…

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We’ll Miss The Rich When They’re Gone – Or Their Tax Payments At Least

One of the things that the usual progressive whines about inequality miss is that the more unequal the incomes in our society the more tax revenue there is to pay for progressive goals. For we do indeed have a progressive taxation system with respect to incomes. So, if the better off among us start earning less money then there will be less tax revenue. Or, if they leave the country for somewhere more amenable, there will be less revenue to pay for all those diversity advisers, five a day consultants and whatever else it is that Jocasta and Tristram do to be paid a crust these days.…

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Fat Cat Friday – CEO Pay Is What Business Of Yours Matey?

Today’s Fat Cat Friday – the day of the year by which FTSE CEOs have already made the amount the average worker will have to strive all year for. This might even be true but what business is it of your’s matey?

For what other people pay other people isn’t in fact your business, is it? Sure, what you pay someone is very much your business. You do, I do, we all do, keep an eye on what we’re paying the servants after all.…

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CEOs Get Paid Well Because Firing The CEO Can Add $15 Billion To GE’s Value

The question is not whether this ought to be true or not. It is, rather, whether it is true or not. And it is true – a change in CEO is worth $15 billion on the value of General Electric. And if the choice of CEO is worth $15 billion then it’s not hugely a surprise that CEOs get paid some fraction – says, 0.1% a year – of that value now, is it?

Sure, they didn’t build that but still:

On August 28, 2000, Apple’s hottest product was a candy-colored computer, Donald Trump was a New York real estate mogul and General Electric Co.

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Nope, The Observer Still Doesn’t Understand CEO Pay And Ratios

We have the annual by now rant about how much it is that chief executives make. As compared, often enough to what the average worker makes. The problem with these complaints is, as is so often true, that nothing is ever put into perspective. The actual measurement being made is that of some very few highly exceptional peoples’ pay being compared with that of all in the economy. Highly exceptional people get high pay? Get away now!…

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