Progressive And Progressive Mean Different Things

Or perhaps, without headline capitalisation, Progressive and progressive mean different things:

A Progressive is, roughly speaking, someone who self-declares that they’re going to advance society through the expansion of state power or provision. A Progressive policy is therefore something supported by Progressives, there is no other valid definition. Trade union rights, the NHS and the welfare state might all be considered ‘Progressive policies’. More recently, policies such as abolishing student fees and loans, free broadband, free dental checkups and clearing the oceans of plastic all fit into the ‘Progressive’ basket.

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What Is Jezza Burbling About Over Drugs, The NHS And Trade Deals?

I’m having a really hard time understanding what it is that is being moaned about over the NHS, drug prices and trade deals. Corbyn’s making a large deal out of what I can’t see as being a problem in the slightest:

There is a plot against our NHS. Boris Johnson is engaged in a cover-up of secret talks for a sell-out American trade deal that would drive up the cost of medicines and lead to runaway privatisation of our health service.

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Whether Or Not Jews Should Fear Corbyn Is A Different Matter

That Corbyn himself seems more than just a little antisemitic is true. Whether he is or not is another matter, he certainly seems it to me. That the anti-zionist shouting matches are really all about Jews and capitalism seems equally obvious to me. There’s a strain of the left that just cannot forgive Israel for not having remained stewed in kibbutznik socialism and poverty. Nor succumbed to that equal poverty of the government controlled economies around it.…

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Grandpa Jez And The TJN Terribly Confused About Amazon’s Tax Payments

Jeremy Corbyn has sent Amazon a 25th birthday card insisting that it should be paying more tax in the UK. He’s also insisting that it should be paying the staff more. Can’t really be both now, can it? If you pay the staff more then there are fewer profits to pay tax upon. The Tax Justice Network gets even more confused on the issue.

Amazon UK paid only £1.7m in corporation tax in 2017, its most recent annual public filing at Companies House, as pre-tax profits tripled to £72m.

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So Grandpa Death’s Labour Party Doesn’t Understand Tax Incidence Then

Either Jezza Corbyn’s Labour Party doesn’t understand tax incidence or they think that we don’t. That second might actually be true by the way. They’re suggesting that domestic rates – or is it council tax now? – should be replaced with something more progressive, something that accounts for the size of house and garden rather more than the current system does.

There are going to be problems here:

Jeremy Corbyn has unveiled plans for a new tax raid on middle-class homeowners which will see those with larger family homes and gardens pay significantly more.

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Is Jezza Stupid Or Just Plain Ignorant? The £10 Minimum Wage For Under 18s

Sure and now we’re against the very idea of a minimum wage around here because we’re economically literate. Humans buy less of things that are more expensive. But even if we put aside logic and reason to enter the minimum wage debate on the more normal terms this decision by Jezza Cobyn is still remarkably stupid and or ignorant. Actually, given modern mores why be so exclusionary? It’s both. For he’s decided that his £10 minimum wage should apply to the under 18s as well.…

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Owen Jones- Who Cares About Brexit? Let’s Bash The Tories

Owen Jones today gives us a masterclass in why politics is such a bad way to run a country – run anything in fact. Because he’s arguing that we shouldn’t, in our current political predicament, think about decent or logical answers to that predicament at all. Instead, put aside the problem we’ve actually got – what should be the UK’s relationship with the European Union – and let’s instead argue all of this from whether his mates get to exercise political power over the rest of us or not.…

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Shooting Politicians Is Wrong – An Example Of Left Wing Logic

From our Special Correspondent, Lincoln Swann:

Fuzzy lefty logic missing the target?

Exhibit A
Shooting paintballs at a picture of Jezza is wrong. All over the news
this week.

Exhibit B
A soon to be erected statue of Maggie in Lincolnshire should be used for
paintball target practice and hammer throwing, said the Guardian on 5
Feb 2019

Given that using representations of political figures for target
practice is acceptable to the Left, per Exhibit B, there must be some
significant different between these 2 cases.…

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These Two Plans Won’t Stop No Deal Brexit Either Because Gina Miller

Those who claim to rule us still aren’t understanding reality here over Brexit. It’s not that there aren’t alternatives to a no deal Brexit, of course there are. It’s that those who rule us can’t agree upon an alternative to a no deal Brexit. Thus plans for agreements among those who rule us against a no deal Brexit aren’t going to work, are they?

Thus these two plans just aren’t going to cut it:

MPs have revealed how they are planning to block Theresa May from taking the UK out the EU without an exit deal.

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The Gang Of Six Might Keep Jezza Out Of Office – That Would Be Nice

There’s an old City point oft made, that the next crisis will happen when all the people who remember the old one have retired. We seem to be having a replay of this as some 6 Labour MPs are considering leaving the party – no doubt claiming that the Party has left them – to become a new centrist organisation in Parliament and the country’s political life. You know, we’re all just crying out for technocratic trimmers to vote for.…

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