The Economics Of Immigration Are Positive But What About The Culture?

It’s well known that the net effect of immigration upon wages is pretty much zero. Immigrants bring with them their own desires as well as their labour. It’s also well known that the overall economic effect of immigration is positive. The fastest way to make someone richer is to move them from a poor country to a rich one. That’s not the end of the story though. What’s the cultural effect of immigration? Fortunately we have past historical exercises we can study to find out:

Gifts of the immigrants, woes of the natives: Lessons from the Age of Mass Migration
Marco Tabellini 25 May 2019

Recent waves of immigration in the US and Europe have triggered debate around the economic and political impact.…

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If We Can’t Appropriate Your Culture, What’s The Point?

The benefits of immigration are many.

Firstly, there are the economic benefits of skilled migrants – the doctors and nurses and engineers and computer programmers from abroad are filling a skills gap in our society that we cannot plug ourselves.

We need more skills of these types than we can generate in our own people, so we need to buy them off the shelf and allow immigrants with those skills to come here to work.

But what about unskilled migrants?…

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Immigration Matters- Who You Let In, Their Culture, Matters Centuries Later

The general establishment view these days is that immigration of anyone from anywhere is just great. Presumably on the grounds that we people already here are too difficult to rule. The problem with this being that studies of past episodes of immigration can show deleterious effects. More specifically, it matters who it is that you let in for the culture they bring with them will be influencing matters in centuries to come:

Brave Old World: Immigration, inequality and intergenerational mobility in the US
Thor Berger, Per Engzell 28 March 2019

There are striking regional variations in economic opportunity across the US.…

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I Find Your Lack Of Faith…..Interesting.

Have you noticed how Leftist cult members now use the word “interesting”?

They use it in the same way Darth Vader used “disturbing”

Or the Gestapo used the word “problematic”

Oh no sorry, that’s the Left again.

Suffice to say, the Left co-opts language and uses it to indicate what views should be considered unacceptable when they cannot immediately identify exactly WHY.

In the Soviet Union they used “unsound”. At other times and places, words like “unpatriotic” have served the same purpose.…

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