Owen Jones Is Entirely Outraged MPs Get Maternity Pay – Death Of Democracy Stuff

It’s possible to share the underlying outrage informing Owen Jones’ insistence here. Why should the ruling classes gain access to pots of our money for doing nothing? Members of Parliament are there to support our governmental system. There are things they should be doing, holding the executive to account, all those sorts of good things. So, the idea that they can just swan off and change nappies for 6 months while still getting paid by us is indeed an outrage:

Imagine this for a gig.

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Guardian’s House Of Lords Investigation – But What About The EU?

The Guardian tells us all that many members of the House of Lords have other jobs. Which seems fair enough really, as they’re not in fact paid to be members of the House of Lords. Expenses only is the system there. They then go on to point out that some of them, or for some of them the job is, are advisers to foreign governments. And, you know, chunter chunter, having our legislators paid by foreign governments is…chunter chunter.…

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House Of Lords – The New High Speed Train Set Shouldn’t Be High Speed

The standard method of getting a political boondoggle going in this country is to insist that this massive leap forward in technology and its application just must be done to put us in the forefront of the world. It’ll be massively fast and whizzy and white heat. The economic justification is that it really will be whizzy. Once the very undercooked budget is signed off then we get two things. That budget inexorably rises, the performance promises fall.…

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House Of Lords Regional Diversity – Bring Back The Hereditaries

The Electoral Reform Society is having a whine about the manner in which the House of Lords is dominated by London centric over achievers and graspers. Well, yes, that’s something that’s going to happen with an appointed house, isn’t it? Those who are appointed will be those who have gone to the Big City and made their mark. It’s thus an inherent failing of the method of filling that necessary revising chamber:

The House of Lords fails to represent broad swathes of the UK, the Electoral Reform Society has said.

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