Sadiq Khan Is Missing The Point Of HS2 Entirely

This is a wondrous entry into the annals of political stupidity. Sadiq Khan is insisting that HS2 should run more slowly in order to reduce the cost of HS2. The stupid part being that the only point of HS2 is to run fast. If it doesn’t run fast then there’s no point in building it at all:

Sadiq Khan is lobbying for the speed of HS2 trains to be reduced in order to cut the costs of building the line.

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Because Sadiq Khan Is An Economic Illiterate

Sadiq Khan’s new housing proposal for London includes this passage:

Why rent control?

Because Sadiq Khan is, as my colleagues at the Adam Smith Institute have already pointed out, an “economic illiterate”.

For the reasons set out earlier in this paper, the Mayor believes that rent control has a key role
to play in improving the affordability of housing in the capital, as part of a package that
includes increasing the supply of social housing and rethinking welfare reform.

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Even Trump Isn’t Allowed To Quote Katie Hopkins Now – A Divisive Right Wing Figure

That we probably shouldn’t give much prominence to the outpourings of actual fascists rings with a certain truth – and we don’t actually give much prominence to such. Oswald Moseley is little quoted these days. However, the idea of no-platforming is rather more dangerous – that we must not quote those who are a little to the right is where that ends up. As with this insistence that even a Republican President of a foreign country shouldn’t go around quoting someone on the British right:

Donald Trump has been criticised for spreading the “hateful and divisive” rhetoric of Katie Hopkins as part of an attack on the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

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London’s Attempt To Close The Gender Pay Gap – Right Diagnosis, But Why Bother?

We should in fact celebrate that the gender pay gap discussion is moving along. Closer to something which identifies the actual problem at hand, at least gets to grips with why there is one in the first place.

We measure by the averages – we should use median but all too often use mean – across all men and women in an organisation or the economy. We should distinguish between part and full time and all too often do not.…

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