Mother Loses Children For Working Too Hard – Matriarchy Or Patriarchy?

A case from Spain in which a court has awarded sole custody to the ex-husband rather than the mother. The argument being that she works too hard as a lawyer to be caring for the children sufficiently. This bringing into rather sharp focus the clash between career progression – something that requires dedicated hard work – and the needs of children for care.

It would, for example, be entirely unfair if a woman were to lose custody in a manner in which a man would not.…

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No Brown In Town – It’s Not The Law Firm, Nor Partner, Which Decides These Things

A useful example of a societal misconception here. It’s not the partners in a law firm which decide what the sartorial rules in The City are. Or anywhere else of course. Those are decided by the wider society. For example, it is not the Mayor of Cannes who decides that women may go topless on the beach but should be rather more covered when walking down the main street. This is something decided by that wider society of those who go to and live in Cannes.…

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Harvard Snowflakes Traumatised By Harvard Lawyer Defending Harvey Weinstein

It is fortunate that these students are still at Harvard for that means that there’s still an opportunity for them to learn something before they are considered educated. For they are claiming to be traumatised by the idea that a lawyer is offering a defence for someone accused of criminal actions. The correct answer here being yes, that’s the damn point of having lawyers, indeed of having trials about criminal actions. So that those accusing can make their accusations clear, those being accused can combat those accusations and through the process we find out whether criminal actions actually happened and if they did who was the criminal acting.…

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Apple’s Top Anti-Insider Trading Lawyer Charged With Insider Trading – Why Did He Bother?

The question here isn’t what did he do – that’s for the courts to decide – but why the hell did he bother to do what is charged he did? For the gains that are alleged were so minimal compared to what he got anyway as a result of his position that it’s ludicrous.

I refer to the idea that Apple’s top lawyer against insider trading himself indulged in insider trading. For that’s what’s is indeed being alleged:

US prosecutors have charged a former top Apple lawyer with insider trading.

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Michael Cohen’s $600,000 From AT&T – That’s The Swamp’s Tax Upon America

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, was signed up to a $600,000 consulting contract with AT&T. Well, yes, how do you think The Swamp feeds itself?

Yes, I know, Trump was – and is of course – going to drain said Swamp. But what is going on here is entirely normal business. Nope, it ain’t that anyone’s passing money through to The Donald. Nor even that anyone is specifically doing anything, informing anyone, asking for favours nor skewing legislation nor oversight.…

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