No, Really, Humans Eated The Megafauna Into Extinction

The Observer gives us a listing of five megafauna that are, sadly, no longer with us. Well, actually, with Megalodon we’re probably rather happy they’re not. Sharks four times the size of Great Whites would make surfing a more than unusually exciting pastime.

The interesting thing about their list is that of the five it’s us humans that ate the four non-Megalodons into extinction. So much for that idea of the naive human hunter gatherer living in harmony with nature, eh?…

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Of Course Humans Ate The Megafauna – Just Not Quite The Way We Thought

This is looking specifically at Madagascar which appears to be a little different from the Mauritius, or New Zealand, experience. But with such events that are close enough to us in time that we can study them in detail that basic story still stands. Yup, it’s us humans that went out and ate the megafauna. Wasn’t climate change, wasn’t some wellhucuddaknown, it was us. Early man was all that much of a respected of the natural environment, you see?

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