To Be Born – Even Of Rape – Is Not To Be A Victim

It’s a pretty standard part of English law that to be born does not make you a victim. Further, that the delivery of a child is not something which requires compensation. It is not an ill, it is not a harm. Thus this lady is on a hiding to nowhere:

Woman born of rape does not count as a victim, say police as she seeks to prosecute her birth father

Being born is not the creation of a tort.…

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There’s Dumb, There’s Stupid, Then There’s Complaining To The Police About Contract Murder Fraud

This is something of a giggle. A mother and daughter have been arrested in Spain over claims that they organised a contract murder. Not entirely unknown of course, people do get murdered, sometimes people are paid to do the murdering. Contract murders are known to exist.

The reason appears to be that the mother’s ex-inamorata was suspected of defrauding the extended family. For which, of course, he had to die. DIE! I tell ‘ee. The person hired to do the murdering was the daughter’s boyfriend.…

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As I’ve Been Saying, There Is No Gender Pay Gap, There’s A Motherhood One

We can even measure and prove this contention, that there isn’t actually a gender pay gap. Instead, there’s one resulting from being a mother. An important distinction as what we do about it – whether we do anything at all – depends upon the cause, doesn’t it?

Child penalties across countries: Evidence and explanations
Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais, Johanna Posch, Andreas Steinhauer, Josef Zweimüller 14 May 2019

Despite considerable convergence over time, substantial gender inequality persists in all countries.…

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Mother Loses Children For Working Too Hard – Matriarchy Or Patriarchy?

A case from Spain in which a court has awarded sole custody to the ex-husband rather than the mother. The argument being that she works too hard as a lawyer to be caring for the children sufficiently. This bringing into rather sharp focus the clash between career progression – something that requires dedicated hard work – and the needs of children for care.

It would, for example, be entirely unfair if a woman were to lose custody in a manner in which a man would not.…

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This Is Where The Gender Pay Gap Comes From – Motherhood

It’s the disruptions of motherhood which create the gender pay gap. So, just what does motherhood do to lifetime working patterns? From The Conversation:

Data show how American mothers balance work and family

Almost 70% of American mothers with children under 18 work for pay.

But motherhood remains disruptive for many women’s work lives. American women earn almost 20% less per hour than their male peers, in part because women disproportionately take responsibility for raising children.…

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Stay At Home Moms Don’t Earn $162,000 In Salary – They Don’t Deserve It Either

As usual the approach of – the American one – Mothers’ Day has people claiming that mothers are undervalued and really, everyone should just be giving them lots of stuff. Like this example, that mothers do in fact earn an salary of $162,000 a year and why, oh why, isn’t anyone paying it to them? The reason they don’t is obvious enough, mothers don’t earn that much and they don’t deserve that much.

For a start the earnings from something as prosaic as raising your own children are unlikely to be three times the per capita gross domestic output – that is, the value of everything produced by everyone – of the country.…

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Fathers Matter – Why Children Of Teenage Mothers Do Worse

Contrary to rather a lot of current belief fathers actually matter. It’s this which explains – largely enough at least – why the children of teenage mothers do worse in life. Those fathers are of lower quality:

Why children of teen mothers do worse in life
Anna Aizer, Paul Devereux, Kjell G. Salvanes 22 December 2018

It is well documented that children who are born to teenage mothers have worse outcomes in terms of health, education, and earnings.…

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Princess Diana As Mother – Well, William’s Not Been Nailed To A Tree. Yet

We’ve the seemingly odd news that Princess Diana is regarded as a better mother than the Virgin Mary. Something about which a number of points can be made, the most obvious being that this was a survey of members of the Church of England, none of whom are likely to believe in, even be sure about, the existence of Mary in the first place. We might also observer that at 35 William’s a bit passed the being nailed to a tree bit.…

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