Elon Musk’s Lawyer At Tesla Quits – Probably Wise Really

It can be amusing what stories just turn up in the feed. At times the conjunction of them can be all too apposite:

Tesla’s general counsel leaves the company after two months

That might actually be a wise decision:

Tesla’s general counsel is leaving the company after just two months on the job — the latest in a series of executive departures at Elon Musk’s electric car company. Dane Butswinkas, who joined Tesla (TSLA) in December, will return to his legal practice at Williams & Connolly in Washington, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

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An Interesting Thought – Has Elon Musk Breached Securities Laws By Making Tesla Announcements On Twitter?

There’s at least an arguable case that Elon Musk has breached securities laws by announcing various Tesla plans and ideas upon Twitter.

One final note that makes me chuckle. Elon made his big announcement on Twitter. He has also blocked a lot of people on Twitter–including me in 2013 or 2014. Well, selective disclosure of public information–giving it to some people earlier than others–violates Reg FD (“Regulation Fair Disclosure”). So by (a) blocking me (and many others) on , and (b) running his big brain waves through, Twitter, Elon might have committed other securities violations.

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Elon Musk Is So Traditional – Tesla’s Restructuring

There, right there on page 1, of Management for Dummies is the stricture that when deep in the doo doo announce a restructuring. Thus we get Elon Musk’s announcement of just such a restructuring at Tesla. Without more capital – or an entirely unlikely surge in production and thus cash flow – they’re going to go bust in 6 months or so. Thus, sure, announce a restructuring:

Tesla is undergoing a major restructuring as the company battles to sort out its organisational problems and bottlenecks that are holding up production of its latest electric car, putting its financial targets in jeopardy.

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SpaceX And Tesla – Electric Cars Are Much Easier To Build Than Rockets, Just Not 5,000 A Week

So, why is it that SpaceX can be ahead of the pack and cheaper, while the clearly easier task of building electric cars is seemingly beyond Elon Musk’s other firm? For it’s entirely true that building an electric car is a great deal easier than building reusable space rockets – and easier again than building cheap reusable space rockets. The thing is that it’s not easier to build 5,000 electric cars a week. That requires another and different set of skills and technologies, those of mass manufacturing.…

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