Retailers Going Digital Payment Only Don’t Save Money

It’s entirely true that handling cash costs money. Banks charge a pretty penny for graciously accepting a river of coins and notes from a business account for example. But that’s not the same thing as saying that going digital payment only saves money. For there are benefits to handling cash as well as costs:

British retailers could save more than £7m a year each by ditching cash and accepting only card and digital payments, a study claims.

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McDonald’s Unsurprising App Problem – Hackers Can Use It To Buy Free To Them Food

It is indeed true that stealing large numbers of McDonald’s hamburgers is unlikely to make you rich. They’re not exactly a viable currency and despite those stories over the years they tend not to keep well – not a good store of value therefore. But if something can be stolen a useful guide to human beings is that it will be stolen. So it should be entirely unsurprising that a McDonald’s app has been hacked and used to steal food.…

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Incentives Matter – Charging Immigrants For NHS Treatment Reduces NHS Treatment

This is one of those things that should be greeted with a healthy “Well, what the hell did you expect?” If we charge immigrants upfront for their National Health Service treatment then fewer immigrants gain less treatment on the National Health Service. Only those ignorant of reality would ever think otherwise of course.

Sure, that’s entirely different from whether we should be trying to insist that immigrants gain less treatment on the NHS than they perhaps might need.…

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Of Course We Should Allow Payments For Surrogacy

Al Roth gained his Nobel in part for the study of repugnant transactions. One such being things like payments for body parts – kidneys say- and here in the UK that applies to surrogacy arrangements as well. There’re all sorts of restrictions and there shouldn’t be. As this piece nicely explains. From The Conversation:

Commercial surrogacy: lifting legal restrictions is the moral thing to do to help people trying to have babies

When it comes to the controversial issue of surrogate motherhood – and, in particular, payment for such services – the law in the UK needs to be reviewed.…

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Yes, You’re Right, MPs Are Being Idiots Over Patisserie Valerie And Supplier Payments

There’s silliness, idiocy and being an MP – that’s the conclusion to draw from these complaints about the payment practices at Patisserie Valerie. For the complaint currently is that they’ve been paying suppliers late. Hmm, OK. And what do we think happens in a company that suddenly finds out that it’s debt loaded, not cash rich as it had thought? Or, even, how do we think that misunderstanding arose? Obviously enough it’s because the financial director – at least as is being alleged here – wasn’t paying off debts that he was marking down as having paid.…

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