Makes No Difference – Trump Must Release His Tax Returns To Be On The California Primary Ballot

In one sense this makes no difference at all – Donald Trump must release his tax returns to appear on the primary ballot paper in California. In another it does make a difference – revealing to all who were too unobservant to note it that the primary rules in the varied states are subject to gross, gross, political interference.

That’s not quite how matters are supposed to be in a democracy but that’s how they are:

President Trump will be ineligible for California’s primary ballot next year unless he discloses his tax returns under a state law that immediately took effect Tuesday, an unprecedented mandate that is almost certain to spark a high-profile court fight and might encourage other states to adopt their own unconventional rules for presidential candidates.

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Paedophiles Are Not Ephebophiles – At Least The Reverse Isn’t True

One of those cases about human sexuality and employment where the initial reaction might well be, well, what have they done? Closer examination leading to the thought that they’ve done quite well even if for the wrong reasons. For they’ve decided this case on the basis of sexual orientation – fair enough in one manner as that was what was claimed – when it should perhaps have been decided upon gradations in chronophilia. Paedophiles are not ephebophiles and vice versa isn’t true either.…

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Elizabeth Warren’s Problem – The More People Know The Less They Like

Elizabeth Warren would seem to have a certain political problem – the more people know her, know about her, the less they like or support her. This is the opposite of the normal American political problem, which is gaining any form of name recognition at all. It’s also not all that hugely surprising to close observers of American politics. There’s little so appealing to a voter as being lectured by those who remind of one’s first mother in law:

Elizabeth Warren continues to underperform among voters who know her best

This is a basic problem.…

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Bernie Sanders Won’t Win In 2020 – Dems Won’t Let Him

There’s a claim that Bernie Sanders can win the Presidential election in 2020. This seems most unlikely to me as I can’t see any manner in which the Democratic Party will allow him to win the primaries. And I really can’t see him winning as a third party candidate.

Conservatives, Don’t Be Fooled. Bernie Can Win.

No, not really.

True, he nearly managed to pull it off last time around but do recall that he was running against Hills.…

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Will The 2020 Race Depend Entirely On The Green New Deal?

That I’m not a fan of the Green New Deal should be obvious – I know where it started, who wrote it and the problems they have with regard to reality. But then that’s not how politics works, is it? Disagreeing with the universe is no bar to an idea being tried even if it does still ensure failure.

The thing is, pretty much the entire left is lining up to approve of that Green New Deal – nonsense though it is.…

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Worth Observing The Ghastly Mess Government Makes Running Things – Like Education

A reasonable little pencil sketch of the education system in Britain is that everyone gets taxed so that the government has a monopoly on the education of 93% of us. The other 7% is over in the private sector. Note that those who pay for such private education pay again, they’ve already paid the tax for that free education, decided they thought that free was worth what it is priced at and no, they don’t get their money back nor any subsidy.…

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