Nuts and Bolts

No, the headline isn’t about a bloke who’s had a few too many down at the pub head butting a drinker and then bolting the scene. We wish it was. A bit of violence might put you on edge for a moment or two. But what’s going on at Boeing; now that’s really scary. You see, it’s about the quality problems that are surfacing at Boeing.

A recent article by the Post and Courier available here suggests there are real issues with the way Boeing is quality assuring its airplane:

Airline surveys point to ongoing production problems at Boeing’s SC plant

Yes, those are the very things that you and I fly around in.…

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But We Don’t Want To Recycle Packaging, We Want To Manage The Waste Instead

The latest bright plan form the government is going to embed into the system the utmost looniness – the idea that all packaging should be recycled. Recycling often costs more than other methods of dealing with waste products. Thus to insist upon recycling is to make us all poorer. This is not the point, not the aim, of our having an economy but the loons are going to do it anyway. And worse than this they’re going to insist that the people paying for this have no influence over how it is done.…

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