If Only The Multi-Cultis Understood The Cultis They’re Advocating

There’s a movement insisting that the university curriculums must be decolonised. This is idiocy.The UK has more foreign students than anywhere other than perhaps the US. The reason all those not-British peeps are coming here for an education is because they desire the British education. The very success at recruiting Johnny Foreigner shows that we don’t need – nor want – to have a more Johnny Foreigner friendly syllabus. Because what is it they’re coming here for?…

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Oracle’s $401 Million Underpayment To Women and Minorities? Or DoL’s Weird Definition Of Discrimination?

That there are different definitions on gender and race discrimination out there is obvious enough but the Department of Labor has given us an interesting insight into their thinking with this claim against Oracle of $401 million dollars in wage underpayments. The point being that they seem to have leapt over being reasonable and into a highly political and also untrue definition of what is discrimination. Discrimination in the sense that ought to be illegal that is.…

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The Age Pay Gap FFS.

We’ve had the gender pay gap.

And now Radhika Sanghani  is complaining about the ethnicity pay gap.

But there’s one pay gap that people just aren’t talking about: the age pay gap.

I’d like to complain about that.

Indulge me.

Older workers get paid more on average than younger workers – fact.

On average, workers over forty get paid 90% more than those under thirty.

Admittedly this is because they work longer hours, in more demanding roles, with greater responsibilities, and with less competition for these roles.…

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Thing Is, James Watson’s Right, Intelligence – IQ – And Genes Are Related

What the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory decides to title people who have retired from that organisation is entirely up to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It’s of no more moment to the rest of us than your wife’s pet name for your willy is – if it is possible to be so normative as to insist upon wife, willy and the existence of a pet name. However, it is also true here that James Watson is correct, there is an intimate relationship between our genes and our intelligence – IQ if you like to think of intelligence that way.…

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Surprise! Fertility Varies By Race, Social Status And Income

This should not come as all that much of a surprise, fertility in the US varies across such selectors as income, race, social status and so on. It shouldn’t be that much of a surprise because the economic resources available to bear and raise children quite obviously vary by those same selectors. So, obviously enough, given that incentives matter, so does fertility. Still, interesting to see the detail. From The Conversation:

Falling U.S. fertility rates have been making headlines.…

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Should We Be Worried By The Rise Of Far Right Beliefs In Germany?

Apparently we should all be very worried by the rise of far right beliefs in Germany. Some significant portion of them are showing a less than welcoming attitude towards Muslim immigrants for example – how appalled should we be by this?

It’s certainly, and obviously, true that a certain eye has to be kept upon German attitudes concerning race and religion. There’s an historical background to the creation of the country which means it’s likely to always be something of a problem.…

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Genes, Intelligence And The Racial Implications For Public Policy

This is a fascinating article on the subject of genes, their creation or not of intelligence and the implications this has or public policy and all things racial – even racist if you prefer. It’s rather a book review, the piece, an what’s so interesting about it is the entire absence of any consideration at all of the scientific theory being out forward. It is indeed arguable how much genes predetermine intelligence, how much is epigenetic, how much is inculcated in the lived environment.

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The Trouble With Diversity At American Newspapers

Diversity, the desire for it, the necessity of it, is the mantra of our age. It’s also something that is horribly misunderstood. It’s entirely possible – note, possible, not necessarily proven – that diversity of outlook, of viewpoint, brings something to a grouping or organisation. There really is such a thing as groupthink and it does have its perils – so, differing views in order to avoid that, why not?

But this isn’t to also say that diversity of melanin content, or gonadal arrangement or preference, is diversity in this useful and important sense.…

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More Blacks* Must Be Forced To Cycle – Adviser To London’s Mayor

It would appear that an adviser to London’s Mayor has lost his mind. For we’ve an insistence that either more blacks must be forced to cycle in that city or fewer whites can be allowed to. No, really, we’ve been told that there’s just not enough diversity among those who choose to travel upon two wheels and something must be done. That something including the setting of targets – and we are all interested in how targets are to be enforced, aren’t we?…

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Well Done To The UN- Racism Maniac Discovers Racism In UK

This is one of the little things about the modern world which just should not surprise us. Even though it does come as a surprise to find out how these higher reaches of governance actually work. For someone interested in finding racism in every corner and nook of modern life has found racism in the UK. We are surprised, no?

Britain’s policies on austerity, immigration and tackling terrorism are racist, a United Nations watchdog has claimed.

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