India’s Tiger Population Expands Due To Increased Urbanisation

India is urbanising rapidly – India’s tiger population is expanding. There is a link between these two facts, this is not a coincidence.

When we use extensive peasant agriculture to make a living then we use lots and lots and lots of land to do so. This means that there’s not much land left over for wildlife:

India’s tiger population has increased by a third in four years, bringing the animal back from the brink of extinction.

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Minimum Wage Rise Causes A Recession In New York City’s Restaurant Trade

Or at least, coinciding with a rise in the minimum wage in New York City we see an effect upon jobs in the restaurant trade there indistinguishable from a recession. This is not consistent with the idea that minimum wage rises have no effect upon jobs.

There’s a reason we look at restaurants. Some 50% – or so – of those who work in the restaurant trade earn minimum wage. And some 50% of those who earn minimum wage are in the restaurant trade.…

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Gas Prices Are Rising – Blame The Environmentalists And The Regulators

This happens every year, gas prices rise in the spring. And every year we get told it’s this or that or the other – when in fact it’s the combination of the environmentalists and the regulators causing it. Hey, it might even be righteous that they should rise in the spring, that all those rules and laws from both are entirely just. But we should still put the cause as being what it is.

The annual spring rise in gasoline prices is engineered.…

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Whoops, Reverse Course! Tesla Backtracks on Price Cuts And Store Closures

Those announced changes at Tesla – forget it, back as you were. The price cuts and store closures aren’t going to be happening. It’s possible to look at this in two markedly different ways. One is that this is evidence of the remarkable flexibility of an entrepreneurial company. The very reason why the young and the new can dance rings around the industry dinosaurs. The other that this is evidence of a young and new company doing something damn foolish then realising.…

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Surprise! Tax Rental Housing More, Rental Housing Becomes More Expensive

This really shouldn’t come as the greatest surprise to anyone but it’s blindsiding policy makers. If you tax something then you get less of it. A smaller supply meeting an equal demand leads to price increases, that’s just how markets work. So, if we tax the provision of rental housing more then we’ll have less rental housing around. Which, of course, then means that what remaining rental housing there is will be more expensive.

Which is exactly what has just happened:

Rent prices are predicted to rocket 15% over the next five years as the supply of new property onto the market continues to dry up while demand increases.

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