Scary Indy Headlines – Nuclear Edition

Soviet nuclear submarine emitting radiation ‘100,000 times normal level’ into sea, scientists find!

It’s actually quite an interesting story – Soviet nuclear sub wreck found, actual images, cold war secrecy etc. here.

But that deliberately scary headline, wow. 100,000 times!! It might lead the reader to conclude a nuclear explosion is imminent under the Barents Sea.

Except it is 100k times normal seawater. That is 100k times sod all.

It’s a vent on the sub occasionally wafting out puffs of more radioactive water.…

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The Russian Bonus For Wearing Short Skirts To Work – You Think We’ve A Patriarchy?

Having actually lived in Russia for some years this story just does amuse. A firm is promoting the idea of “femininity” at work for a month and this includes a bonus for turning up to work in a short skirt. Plus a dumpling making competition. And to think that there are people who claim modern Britain is a patriarchy in which women are oppressed.

But you know, foreign countries, foreign ways:

A Russian company is reportedly offering female employees a bonus for wearing short skirts to work, saying that it will “brighten up their work days”.

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Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Alive And Well At The New York Times

The Mueller Report finds absolutely no evidence whatsoever of collusion between Team Trump and the Russians over the election. There’s a bit more equivocation over whether Team Trump were inclined to tell Mueller’s team to bugger off a bit more strongly than you’re supposed to to a Special Prosecutor but that’s about it.

But, of course, this cannot be allowed to stand. To agree that foreigners didn’t swing it for Trump is to admit that perhaps Hillary wasn’t the most qualified candidate ever.…

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An Example Of Federast Bias In The System – Brexit Party Funding

This isn’t quite Dennis the Peasant, calling upon us all to come and witness the violence inherent in the system. Rather, it’s you and me who have to come and witness the federast bias inherent in the political system. The major party arguing the Hell with the EU at this election coming on Thursday is the Brexit Party. Given the UK’s establishment view that Brexit itself is a bad idea the thought that Nigel’s posse look like actually winning this election horrifies.…

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Welcome To The Seal Sausage – Very Healthy It Is, Very Healthy Indeed

A Russian likely lad has decided that what the world really needs is seal sausages. And why not, there’s all that free meat floating around in the ocean and the flesh is high in Omega 3 and all that. Low in fat too – that’s all off in the blubber. So, why not grind up the beasties and eat them?

A controversial new business that makes sausages out of seals on Russia’s Pacific coast has prompted an outcry, with more than 160,000 people signing a petition in protest.

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That Mueller Report – No Collusion Between Trump Campaign And Russia

Not that this will stop the shouting even though it should – the Mueller report states that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump election campaign and the Russians. That is, Hillary lost the election because more of the relevant people wanted to vote not for her than for her. Which is, you know, pretty much how we’d like it to be in a democracy.

Oh, sure, some people have been jailed for things as a result of the Mueller investigations.…

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Mueller’s Report On Trump – No Collusion With Russia Over Election

So, that’s the Democratic Dog shot here, Robert Mueller’s report about that supposed Russian involvement in the American election campaign has been handed in. We’ve a four page summary of it as well. And the basic finding is Nope. They didn’t.

Great, so now perhaps we can all go off and discuss something more interesting? As we reported earlier this is pretty much what we knew the report said:

Mueller’s report on collusion between Donald Trump, Vova Putin and Russia over the Presidential election has been handed in.

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Mueller’s No Collusion Finding Over Trump, Elections And Russia

Mueller’s report on collusion between Donald Trump, Vova Putin and Russia over the Presidential election has been handed in. And there seems, according to those who know, to be no evidence leading to any further criminal charges, at least from Mueller. All of which is nicely summed up in this comment:

If the witch finder general, who hates you, determines you’re not a witch, then you probably ain’t a witch.

Dongguan John.

Sure, all sorts of people have been found to have lied about their taxes, not told investigators the full and absolute truth first time around.…

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Venezuela’s Moving Oil Business To Russian Banking System To Beat US Sanctions

Venezuela is trying to beat the US sanctions on its oil exports by moving the payments system over to the Russian banking system. This has the merit – for Venezuela’s current government at least – that it’ll work in the first iteration. Whether it continues to work after that depends upon how aggressively the US decides to pursue the enforcement of the sanctions.

For it’s worth noting what the US claims as being within its own jurisdiction.…

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Failure To Snub Equals Treason

Summer is political silly season in the United States. There are elections for the House and one-third of the Senate this November, and primaries to select the nominees between now and then. But Congress is treading water. Republicans, seeking to paper over their failure to fulfill their seven-year promise to repeal Obama-care, are standing pat with a single major enactment, the drastic lowering of business taxes. Democrats have no positive message at all beyond Don’t Kill The Job and promising more free things for everyone.…

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