Social Beings Don’t Like Being Ostracised – Funny That

If we start from the obvious point about us human beings – we’re social beings – then all of what follows in this from The Conversation is blindingly obvious. Social beings like being social, they prefer not to be ostracised, cast out of society. Thus if society accepts some part of our make up, who we are, then we’re happier. That the precise aspect under discussion here is sexual orientation this doesn’t make any difference. Social beings are social beings, prefer not to be ostracised.

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Elinor Ostrom, Societal Organisation And The God Threshold

Elinor Ostrom gained the Nobel Prize in large part for explaining that there’s a method of societal organisation that isn’t markets and property rights as in capitalism and also isn’t regulation and control, as in a bureaucratic society. This finding of something called the God Threshold is working along the same lines.

So, Ostrom’s point. Garrett Hardin told us about the Tragedy of the Commons. If we’ve open, Marxist, access to a resource then fine. But if demand for the resource exceeds regenerative supply then that resource will become exhausted.…

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Our Leaders Are Our Jailers

For two hundred years, people of all nations, creeds and colours flocked to America to pursue the American Dream.

The stellar achievements of the United States of America were testament to the power of unity and the benefits of a multiracial society.

A multiracial society.

It will probably never be known exactly which generation of leaders first became concerned that the people needed less governing, but become concerned they clearly did.

Just as God Himself saw the achievements of unified mankind and sundered them by tongue at the Tower of Babel, so the modern-day Masters of the Universe decide to sunder the people by culture.…

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