UCAS And Student Offers – Just How Efficient Do Ministers Think British Bureaucracy Is?

It would appear that education ministers are in the Dreamtime concerning the efficiency of British bureaucracy. For they’re trying to insist that all university place offers should be made only after A Level results are actually known. Rather than the current system whereby some studying for A Levels are granted unconditional places, others conditional upon their results and then the others left scrambling to fit into whatever empty places are left over.

The problem with this being that there is just no way that any British built system of bureaucratic selection is going to be able to cope with the flood of work a proposed move to post-results only selection is going to cause.…

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Ignore The Student Unions Over Brexit, They’re About Beer, Not Politics

This is straight out of the normal Trotskyist playbook. Have an organisation that does a little bit for lots and lots of people, then make sure that you carve out a little slice of said organisation only for the anointed, those who ThinkRight. Then it can be claimed that the twitterings of those who ThinkRight are representative of the deep thoughts of those lots and lots of people. So it is, as it has been for generations, with student politics.…

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So, Just What Were The Positive Aspects Of Slavery?

It probably isn’t a good idea to set 13 year olds a piece of school work which asks them to list the positive aspects of slavery. They’re probably a little young to understand that the system itself was vile, horrendous and no number of positive aspects can justify it. Even though there were positive aspects. We however are adults and we can understand that important distinction – although who is either old enough or educated enough to appreciate it seems to get ever later in life as the modern education system takes hold.…

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Students Are Killing Themselves – Clearly, We Must Reverse The Expansion Of The Universities

We’ve news that the suicide rate among university students is now above that for the population in general. This is indeed a problem. From this report two things flow, firstly, that they are in fact measuring the right thing – a novelty for the new academia. Secondly, that given how bad this new academia is for those going through it we’ve got to shrink the new academia.

No, this is not to make light nor fun of either the tragedy of suicide nor the much greater effect upon those they leave behind.…

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